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mother_vickie - DiaperMates- plastic diaper pants for babies to wear to bed with shoes ,When they came I took all his underpants a way from him. While he was wearing his diapers and a short t-shirt I took him to a clothing resale store so he could give the lady there his old underpants. He was wear clear plastic panties so every one who looked could see his diapers. He peed his diapers while he …Plastic Pants For Adults - Baby PantsThe Baby Pants pullon Honey Bear Nursery Print plastic panties have baby bears in diapers and a honey pot over a slightly translucent milky white plastic. These comfortable baby pants are worn over cloth diapers and are just as effective as the ones that little babies wear.

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adult baby clothing | Cosy N Dry | Adult Baby Clothing. Custom Clothing. Custom Clothing is something that most AB's need especially if you require an item to fit properly. We pride ourself on this area, we have tried to recreate clothing that any little AB would love to wear. We have worked hard to design some new items and change fabrics so ...

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Guest59185. I am 14 and in the 8th grade and will be recieving my sacrement of confirmation on October 22.The parish dress code call for us girls to wear a white,poofy,flower girl style dress with a veil,white undershirt,cloth diapers,plastic pants,white tights and white mary jane shoes.So,the answer is …

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Embarrassment is a well known feeling for many children. Not least boys who wet, and are forced to or by their own choice wear diapers and plastic pants at night. Some boys wear diapers and plastic pants to school, and face other challenges. Some parents actively use as well their boys' embarrassment and shame to gain control through humiliation.

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Sep 01, 2010·The diapers and plastic pants go on at most an hour before bedtime and after a trip to the bathroom and come off first thing in the morning followed by a quick shower, longer ones in the evening. A site that offers waterproof pants nylon and plastic in sizes up to 50 lbs which will fit …

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Chastity Tube, Diapers and Sissywear - Part 1 Submitted by: [email protected] I was a guy, 30 years old and worked as a banker, I'm 5 feet 9, weigher120 pounds. At the time I was living in an apartment in Denmark.

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Sep 16, 2014·Our 13 year old daughter made her First Holy Communion last may and per the parish dress code,all the girls had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their communion dresses to symbolize the purity of their baptisms when they were babies.I got the plastic pants in a size larger than she normally wears so as to fit her comfortably.This ...

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Stupid me kept trying so she went back to p8nning my diapers on at night and sticking her finger inside my plastic pants in the morning to feel my soaking wet diaper. Yes there I was 12 years old having to lay spread eagle on my bed like a toddler being diapered for bed.

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pants and diaper down before taking up a baby wipe. Hilga cleaned and diapered him again and added baby pants, but this time a nightgown or what Bobby thought was a nightgown. It felt like a nightgown which meant, when Bobby considered how it did feel, that he liked it. Bobby fell back to …

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Mom told me to go collect all of Timmy's diapers and plastic pants and threw them in the trash. He would not need them anymore. I walked to my room and started to put the diapers, plastic pants, pins, and size 6 Pampers in a large plastic bag. I had wanted to see what it was like to …

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Super thick cloth diapers and sissy plastic pants, with cute diaper pins I love baby powder too. ... 0 points : babywear: cloth diapers and plastic pants are what every bed wetter should wear at all times. 12.01.2017 : 0 points . p : poobrat: love your cloth diapers with plastic pants,this is all I …

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Bikini Style Pearlised semi transparent Pink pvc pants. £20.00. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Rating: 0%. Mittens - Pink Anglaise. £25.00.

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Wayne wears diapers. It's the same thing every night. At about 8 pm I get called to my bedroom, the one I share with my new step-brother Nathan. Usually I have to wait for my mother, or Nathan (or worse, whoever has been designated) to show up. During this time I'm expected to make up a diaper (by placing two triple-folded flannelette baby ...

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i am a girl 15 and being baptized soon in our roman catholic church.i have to wear a white baptism dress,lace socks and parents are requiring me to wear plastic pants[rubberpants]under my dress with a tee shirt.i dont want to wear the rubber pants but my parents said i have toan they be worn under my dress with out any problems?

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When I went to bed that night, all I could smell was baby powder and the aroma of a brand new pair of plastic pants. When I awoke the next morning I was "wet as usual" but when I got out of bed all I did was slide my diapers and plastic pants off. I was mad and wanted my mother to pick them up. So I …

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Pink PVC Plastic Pants Adult diaper nappy Incontinence ABDL ddlg. DottyDiaperCo. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (532) $21.64. Add to Favorites.

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Jan 25, 2011·Redemption 1. After she had fastened the diapers I had to stand up and lift one leg and then the other so that she could pull up the plastic pants. When she was ready she pulled down my nightdress over the diapers, and patting me on my bottom said something degrading such as”Now our little baby can go to bed and pee as much as she wants”.

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Jan 02, 2014·Dec 10, 2013. #1. Being totally incontinent and wearing diapers 24/7, I find wearing plastic pants is necessary, especially @ night during sleep. Here is one of the cheap plastic pants I wear every night: They come in 3 to a package for $15.00. I have 12 of them, and I "rotate" wearing each plastic pant and every morning I hand wash/rinse each ...

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Jul 17, 2017·I only wear during the day when I am worried about my IBS causing control issues, which is rare or for fun during the weekends. I used to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants as a child, in addition to pampers. My mom always double diapered me with cloth diapers and plastic pants for bedtime and I remember the thick diaper waddle.

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May 01, 2015·After the war a boom in babies ushered in new diaper designs, such as the infamous Boater by Donovan. Better fabrics, snaps, and changing attitudes made diaper covers more common to wear, and contour shaped diapers like the B-52 changed the shape and style of how babies wore diapers.

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Mar 30, 2010·Great story. I would love to be that little sissy boy for ever. When I was about eight years old my mommy and sister dressed me in cloth diapers and plastic and a very short toddler looking dress. Then they put black Mary Jane shoes on me with fold down socks with flowers on top. My mommy combed my long curly hair and then put it in curls.

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Feb 15, 2014·Feb 14, 2014. #18. It was cloth diapers (Curity prefolds), pins, and plastic pants for me. This was in the late 70's. Based on photographic and other evidence, I was wearing these full-time from birth until sometime around age three. After that, for a short time, I wore diapers only to bed.

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Oct 04, 2006·Scents of baby powder, baby oil and baby lotion mixed with the fascinating vinyl smell of her plastic pants and the fresh, line-dried scent of her cloth diapers somehow seemed to entrance me and draw me to her room. Gradually, I became obsessed with thoughts of wearing diapers and plastic pants to bed.


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i am a girl 15 and being baptized soon in our roman catholic church.i have to wear a white baptism dress,lace socks and parents are requiring me to wear plastic pants[rubberpants]under my dress with a tee shirt.i dont want to wear the rubber pants but my parents said i have toan they be worn under my dress with out any problems?

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Jun 12, 2015·My opinion about diaper things